Friday, February 19, 2010


I am so excited about my latest wedding reception ideas that I had to post something right away! Since $ is of short supply, I think we are going to go with a dessert buffet instead of lots of snacky stuff. Jonathan had no objections to this idea and I think we can make it look really cute and sophisticated.
My other idea is to use old sheet music or poetry for some things like paper cones. We already have a sheet music guest book, so I want to incorporate it in other places too.Ok, so this is what I'm most excited about! I have been having trouble coming up with centerpieces that are budget friendly and adorable at the same time. Finally it has come to me! I love the idea of using books, since I love to read and have lots around. It shouldn't cost much at all and goes very well with my vintage theme.

The great thing about these is that very little flowers are needed!

This one is so adorable.

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Anonymous said...

Sister, you should really consider buying silk flowers instead of fresh. It will save you loads of money and if you find the right kinds, they genuinely looked real. I think only one person at our wedding realized our flowers were fake. ;)

-kelly ann


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