Monday, April 19, 2010

It's getting so close!

I cannot believe that the BIG DAY is getting so close. As of today there are only 33 days left! YAY! Things are coming along nicely and I am so glad there hasn't been too much stress. The only time it's been bad was a couple weeks ago. The guest list/invitation process almost consumed my sanity and spat it back out as a jumbled mess, but I made it through. That was the only part of this journey that has been less than enjoyable (to say the least). I've had to remind myself lately that all of this running around is totally worth it. I'm making out like a bandit with the most wonderful man in the world! I've been tempted to complain when I get tired, but I'm trying not to do it very much. However, I must admit that I will enjoy the day when I actually have a lunch break that is not devoted to wedding errands. As for now these things must be done, especially since my to-do list is quite extensive:

  • Finnish buying books, flowers, vases, frames, etc for the reception
  • Organize/ label all the boxes and wedding things that have overtaken the guest bedroom
  • Finnish decorating the guest book
  • Work on the centerpieces
  • Finnish making the flower girl basket and ring bearer's pillow
  • Work on our counseling book and go to the sessions
  • Pay the florist
  • Reserve the rented items
  • Call the church about details
  • Find someone to pick up the cakes
  • Find parking attendants
  • Make a schedule and to-to list for the week before and the day of the wedding
  • Go to my hair trial
  • Find shoes for the rehearsal dinner outfit
  • make the chalkboards for the reception
  • Find things for the photo booth (I don't have much yet)
  • Finnish finding gifts for wedding day helpers
  • Wrap bridesmaid's gifts
  • Finalize the wedding music with the pianist
  • Make/print the programs
  • Slowly move my things into our townhouse

Well, that is all I can think of for right now. I'm sure I'll remember more later. Despite the length of that list, I actually enjoy doing all of it! I've been so grateful for the help I have received and for those who have given us showers and things of that nature! I have a shower this Tuesday and we have two more at the end of this month!

Here are some pics of my most recent one:

This is the lovely hostess, Meredith.


AvaThomaston said...

How exciting!!!

b513h said...

It does sound exciting!!! :)


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