Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saying no to "I can't

Have you ever felt called to something that you didn’t feel equipped for? I am certainly have, in fact I feel that way today. The past six months have been a crazy roller coaster of why, what if and why me. Uncertainty is my constant companion. I feel like a kid on a high school track team that suddenly was thrust into the Olympics. I’m in way over my head. It’s weird to say that God called me to photography, but He did. This is not something that I would have ever chosen for myself. Do I love it? Yes. Did I dream about pursuing it one day? Yes, but I never (did I say never?), NEVER would have attempted to do it like this. It would be small, not full time and slow. You see, I’m not a bold person. It’s not my strong suit. I take the safe roads, the ones where I know I can succeed. This is definitely not that road.

The rest this "me being raw and honest" post is over here.


Janette said...

Ahhh! I struggle with this too.. I always go for the safe route.. and then I find that the safe route is not any safer..nor does it lead to more success..And then I find that I end up failing even in those things.. But when I commit my way to Him, He graciously guides... Glad your photography business is booming!

Janette, the Jongleur

Courtney B said...

Checking out the rest NOW! You're amazing Jennifer!!


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