Thursday, January 19, 2012

My little sister's birthday...

“Hey Jenny, guess what?” Katie asked. “I sold my doll house. I don’t really play with it any more and mommy says that I’m growing up.”
It’s true. A few days ago my baby sister turned 9 years old! I am officially getting super old! Ok, maybe I’m not super old…but I might as well be 23 going on 50. This year I had to get my baby sis something a “big girl” would want. Apparently Justice is the Limited Too for youngsters now. (Does anyone else remember Limited Too? That place was the bomb dot com in grade school! Hehe!) When I saw this vest I thought, “yeeeeeesss, she neeeeeeeds this!” Not really, but it was way to adorable to pass up!
Anyway, since Katie is such a big girl now I wanted to take her out to lunch and let her order from the “grown up” menu instead of the kids! So we packed up and headed to San Marco, which is a really adorable part of Jacksonville. I actually grew up very close to San Marco, but that was before Katie was even a thought! It’s nice to be back and reminisce about my childhood. We used to ride our bikes with our dad all over the area. My favorite thing to do was to ride down to the grocery store for ice cream sandwiches and then eat them down by the St. Johns River. Now my parents live on the outskirts of Jacksonville on some land. I’m sure Katie’s memories will a little bit more adventurous than mine. She has more places to roam than the small backyard we played in as kids.

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