Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A cute bow tie and a lovely dress...

You could hear coughing every few minutes. Poor Wesley had some sort of sinus something or other, but that didn’t keep these two from having a good time. Wesley and Lindsey are such an awesome couple. He’s the funny one that makes her laugh and she’s the sweet one that makes him smile. All you have to do is look at them to know that they’re perfect for each other!  My husband actually goes way back with these two. He was able watch their love story unfold first hand. From what he said, they’ve always liked each other but it just took a few years to come to grips with it. They started dating a few months before Lindsey was heading off to college at the University of Mobile. They were planning on doing the long distance thing until Wesley ended up winning a scholarship to UM in a drawing. Funny how things work out! After engagement and graduation, they got married a few months ago. But before Lindsey retired her lovely lace wedding gown to the closet, they decided to a fun “after the wedding” shoot. How could I turn down these two, especially with her in that dress and him with a bow tie? Adorable! Here a few of my favorites from the session. It was so hard to pick! The light was so perfect and dreamy.

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