Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call me Suzie Homemaker

I have been spending the past few Saturdays setting up our little town house. It has been so fun finding creative ways to decorate without spending much money. My family has been asking how things were coming along, so I though I might as well put up some pictures!

This is our little kitchen...and I mean that quite literally! There isn't much space at all, but I am working with it nonetheless.
Testing out my cooking skills in my cute apron from Emily Wright!

This is our downstairs bathroom. I love the "B" towels and they were only $1.50!

Our dining room...We got the table for free, but unfortunately it also came with an awful piano that is now on our back porch. (Long story)

Our bedroom! I found the bedspread for half off at Dillard's!

Our bed with a sweet note that my husband left me!

Couches, side table, lamp...all given to us!

We love our couches that my aunt and uncle were so gracious to give us!

The view of the whole living room.

I found that mirror for $5 at an antique store. It needs repainting, but what a steal!

So this is our home, for now at least!


Anonymous said...

soo cute i love it sounds like your livin life to the fullest.

lillian12h said...

Everything is beautiful! Your home is precious and I know you are enjoying every moment!

jenchristine said...

Thank you so much! It's still a work in process for sure!


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