Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The search is on!

Knowing that me and the mr. are going to be moving (possibly frequently) in the next several years, I didn't register for many nice things. However, so many people were so generous in giving us such lovely serving items like platters, beautiful flat wear, crystal, china, and other ornate serving items. That being the case, I have to have some where to put them! So now the search is on for some type of hutch. This is kind of what I am envisioning:

I have looked at several furniture places to no avail. Do all of them have to cost over $600 bucks? I don't really want to spend more than $300. We aren't settled here, and I HATE the idea of spending all of our wedding money on something we don't really need. I'd much rather put it in our car fund! Does anyone know where I might find such an item for my dining room at a decent price?


mdhall said...

Lee and I have gotten living room furniture, washer/dryer, and dining room table from I'm pretty sure that all of that combined cost less than $600! Good luck!

jenchristine said...

Very nice! I will have to check it out for sure! Thanks girl.

Amanda said...

I would definitely agree with craigslist. They have the best deals. If that doesn't work you could try the furniture place at the flea market in dothan. sometimes they have scratch and dent stuff and you can usually talk them way down. :)


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