Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vintage Shoot Inspriation

For months I have wanted to do a vintage shoot. I would LOVE to start brushing up on photography in order to be more proficient at it. It really is an art! I love, love, LOVE it. Here is some of my inspiration:

I have some old books I can use

I need to find a lovely parasol like that!
I have a great vintage-looking quilt too
I love the violin!

Guitar. Check!

Don't you just love it! I hope I can test out some of my ideas soon!
I have also been thinking about how to do this with kids as well. Here is some inspiration for that...

Now all I need are some models! Oh yeah, and a better camera...However, that will have to wait until AFTER I get my wisdom teeth pulled, (which is were all my money is going lately.) 

1 comment:

Allison Henderson said...

Jenn! This is gonna be awesome! I loved your engagement pictures in this style. So pretty.


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