Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cookies + crafts = fun

Here's a story for you:

If you give a girl a cookie, it's going to make her want to craft. (Yes, this happens to all girls. I am lying. I am not lying.) And to craft she is going to need fabric. If you give her fabric, she's going to need hot glue...and a glue gun. And once she starts crafting, she's going to want some friends around. So you call all her friends and they come over. Well then they are going to need fabric as well. And then all of that crafting is going to make them want cookies. And thus the vicious cycle starts again.

And no, I did not steal that story idea from the child's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."

Well, our craft party didn't quite start like in the started in our mentor group class. I have some lovely girls that I meet with every week. We thought it would be fun to have a craft party! You really can't get any better than a craft party, that is unless you throw cookies into the mix. Now if those cookies happen to be chocolate chip with caramel in the center, you certainly have one fantastic party on your hands!

The girls with some of the cookies...and I spy a few brownies.


Mmmm. Those are some delicious cookies right there. Just look at the caramel oozing out. 
Heaven. In. Your. Mouth. 

After stuffing our faces for a while, we started our fabric flower headbands!

Such wonderful crafters!

This picture is PRICELESS! So we all burned our fingers at one time or another. Ok, maybe it was just me...and a select few others. 

Work it ladies!

Here we are with our finished products! 

I love you girls!


Laura-Leigh said...

Can I have the blue and green one with the pearls?
For real. I love it.

Megan said...

SO cute!! Those cookie look uh-mazing.

CarrieJo said...

i love that you did this with your girls!!! what a great idea!!! :)

Faith said...

What a cute idea! I should do this with my middle school girls. How much were the supplies?

Jennifer said...

Laura-Leigh! Haha. That's the one I made

And yes, Megan...they are a-stinkin-mazing!!!

Thanks Carrie.

The supplies weren't much at all. I told them to bring their choice of fabric (I brought some as well), a glue gun from home if they had one and an old headband. I used a lot of stuff that I already had. Even if you had to buy it all, it still wouldn't cost much.

kELLO! said...

those are some good lookin treats!
what a great role-model you are; they are blessed to have you in their lives

kELLO! said...

p.s. did you get a new header? i love it.

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Yum! Cookies with caramel inside! That is my kind of treat. Go girls! Love the flower headbands too. Those are always fun to make:-) I used to be a leader with YoungLife and WyldLife, and had a blast. I want to start mentoring again. So much fun and such a huge impact! xoxo

Jennifer said...

Yes, I did make a new header. Thanks girl.

That's awesome! My cousin does WyldLife every summer. And my girls are such fun to be with every week!

Ramsey said...

This is super adorable! I love love love that you used the give a mouse a cookie idea! That is definitely one of the best books ever. You guys look super presh in you headbands!

CessOviedo said...

Loved the headbands! That's an easy yet adorable diy idea! and those cookies look so yummie, seems like you had a blast!

Destined For Now said...

What a cute project! I bet it was the best time.


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