Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Word

Teach me LORD, Your ways and I will follow
My desire is to keep them to the end
Spirit, open up my eyes to see Your wonders
For Your Word is my delight, my friend

Lead me in the path of Your commandments
Do not let me turn to selfish gain
May all my days be spent for Your kingdom
To proclaim your glory and promote Your fame

Though the world come crashing down
Still Your promises are found
So I will cling unto Your word - O God!

How wonderful to feast upon Your riches
Your words are ever sweet to my taste
I will store them up within my heart
So that my sin will not take Your place

Let Your beauty be always before my eyes
I desire an upward, not inward gaze
My heart is full of Your steadfast love
So gladly I give all my life, all my praise

Your Word breathes life into my soul
It is You that makes me whole
So I will cling unto Your word - Oh God!


Jonathan & Ashley Slater said...

perfect :)

Rylie said...

i love this.

Sarah said...

Beautiful beautiful words. Thanks for this.
Wearing It On My Sleeves

CarrieJo said...


Haley K said...

thank you for this :) LOVE "You Word breathes life into my soul."

Maddison said...

beautiful - love it =)


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