Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward & Embarrassing College Photos

Have you ever looked through all your old facebook albums? I've had a facebook since my freshman year of college. So many things are documented in those photos. These were just too funny to pass up. I look at these and ask my self, "Why, Jen, why?"

Allow me show you who I really am - a very silly and weird person. Ashley and Manda, I'm sorry I have just incriminated you in most of these photos.

I hope you enjoy laughing...because these will make you me I'm sure.

Yes, I did this to myself.

Photo shoot out by the lake turned into????

Because sticking your tongue out with curlers in your hair is always hot. Duh. 

We were siamese twins. Enough said.

I promise that is not our real butt. We were stuffed with pillows. And yes, that is Devo trying to whip us.

We actually went to class like this on Halloween. So embarrassing! We were ninja turtles and we made those costumes.

Notice how our faces are on everyone's bodies.

Waffle House late at night. Am I even sane here?

Because one pound weights justify the look of constipation on my face....obviously.

I liked to sleep on people's shoulders?

The 80's were so cool, we had to bring it back.

We actually put on a 80's workout video for a "No-Talent Talent Show." We were so bad that we won. This exercise was called 'The Beached Whale.' I kid you not.

Scared? I am.

Um yes, this is a coffin. No, there is no one inside it.

Get it? Butts? Haha.

So weird!!! This photo creeps me out. Marshmallows are just not that good!

Um, so my friends decided to take a picture of me in the bathroom...ON THE TOILET! So embarrassing. As you can see, I was not happy about it!

Why? Just, why?

Pretending to cry at graduations is so appropriate, especially when there are people crying for real.

Studying for finals...will it do any good? I am so smart?

Rock climbing?


I let someone do this to me. So dumb. Obviously, someone had a camera.

I help take part in this prank. That is really melted chocolate, not poop.

Awkward, just awkward.

I really did dress up as the Holy Bible for Halloween. The Holy Ghost is next to me...of course.

This photo is awkward on so many levels. I will write out that story one day.

Driving....seriously Jen, LOOK AT THE ROAD!

This one was complete with me saying "It's a Korg" in a funny accent.

And this is cool why? This is so our best look.

Yeah we wore these....

And played and in front of people. Yes we did.

What is it about hot rollers that makes you stupid?

At least I'm not the only awkward one here.

On a mission the Philippines...we ate this really nasty fruit. The end.

I am covering up something in appropriate. AWKWARD!

So, we made up motions to Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone? We are so stupid.

I did put this on. Yes, I did. I should wear this everyday, right? Right? Ok, maybe not.

Because playing the accordion is so wonderful.

Really? In the cafeteria. Yes, we did.

In DC...jumping. I was really bad at it and people were watching. Quick glances of distain are always a blessing to receive.

Certainly, we were filled with joy...or stupidity...which ever you prefer. This is just funny.

In India I jumped off sacred landmarks. Mmmhmmm. I might have been a little scared about the landing. But maybe I just like clenching my teeth. You will never know.

Signature hand flip and wave. Oh my.

In the backseat with boys. I almost died. Seriously.

Holding our food babies. Oh yes.

Well hello, my name is Jen and I am weird.

Whaaa??? I don't even know.

And now for some of my most embarrassing photos:

3. Me, showing the world my boogers. Why, because you wanted to see them...obviously.

2. Making a chin people video taking in smoker voices. Every music major should do good for the vocal chords. Mmmhmm.

And now, the most embarrassing picture of me EVER:

1. Words can't even describe this. All I can say is that I was a prince called Rabadash for a video at a youth event at about 3 in the morning. I am on "Sheepy" and headed to see the love of my life.

And there you have it.

I hope you laughed, because I am totally laughing at myself right now.

I think I will regret this later.


Emily said...

Oh JJ.....I loved them all. Laughed at the jumping off the sacred monument in India...
My favs- the camping, carrying wood.
holy bible costume...
I feel like I know you far more than I ever thought I could. ;)
You're a cute one you are. haha

Kristy said...

Haha oh my goodness! This post made me laugh out loud several times. That was an awesome post, definitely made my day! SO cute and so funny in some of them :p!

Alexis Kaye said...

Oh my goodness!!! So funny!!! You have so much personality I love it! :)

Marli and Memory said...

WOW!!! AMAZING! Totally entertaining! :P


Josh said...

Okay so this was one of the funniest blog posts ever...

Like for real I laughed at every picture and caption.

I must admit, you are weird and awkward Jenn hahaha

Emmy said...

I LOVE every single one of these pictures! I really want to go through my old college pics now. :)

melissa said...

These look like major fun times! Great memories to have! x

Mckenzie Jean Lund said...

I have to say, I absolutely lOVED looking at these! Isn't it fun what you can get away with during high school and college?!

Alyss said...

Okay. We should be friends! Like, totes.

Andrea Neudorf said...

Hahaha! I just like you...alot! Lol, looks like it would be fun being friends with you in REal lIFE!!

Cory said...

bahahahahaha this brought me so much joy!!!

Laura Nelson said...

you are hilarious & super cute with short hair :)

Emily said...

Thank you thank you GOD for letting me not be the only person like this in the world! Oh we would be such good friends you and I :)

I might have to do a post like this to prove that haha!


Caiti said...


Laura-Leigh said...

Pretty sure I might do this.
Pretty sure.

Emily said...

I definitely appreciate these pictures, as I've heard stories about most of these events!

Good times! I'm glad we were roommates. Sorry that I was pretty boring. :( The conditions must not have been right. And, I'm glad we never took pictures of our clogged toilet and such. Ha!

Let's praise God for laughter, for sweet memories, and that He is continuing His work in us!

Ms. E. said...

Hahahah super fun! You have the best costumes ever!! I <3 the Bible and holy ghost...You and your friends are creative...Thanks for entertaining me and giving me a good laugh..:-)

Meg said...

So many things...

1. this was hilarious
2. i love that you are a newlywed blogger - so fun!
3. my college roommate and I also were into making chin faces??? not sure what we were thinking either
4. I love that you were in India! How long were you there? I lived there for a summer
I feel like we are destined to be blog friends - I'll be reading!

Faith said...

This was a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

Hahahahaha. Oh girl, these all made me laugh! You remind me of my best friend. She will do ANYTHING and we are always waiting with a camera to capture it!!

Lori said...

these are fabulous. so much fun to look at old pictures! what college did you go to?

annie said...

These cracked me up! And, maybe this is random, but did you go to a Christian college? Because I did, and a lot of these scenes just look so familiar to me! Cafeterias, intramural sports, mission trips~ your pictures look a lot like my goofy college experience too! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Alyssa Rae said...

I heart chin people

Marli and Memory said...

I do think that these will totally remake my day. Seriously. Do you have any more? lol

Jennifer said...

Haha. Yes, there are SO MANY more! I had to narrow it down to these!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I just found your blog and WHOA did I ever come on a good day! I'm glad I got to see these before you come to your senses and take them down. Lol!

Funny blogging girl, I would never do what you just did, but thank you because you are hilarious.

And I'm REALLY hoping that for as many um, interesting (I'm being kind) pictures there are here, that you have 3 or 4 good ones to over power it. ;)

Thanks for the laughs. I'm off to dig up other "interesting" things on your blog, though I doubt any could top this. Ha!

Sophisticated Steps

Jennifer said...

Oh, don't worry. There are lots of good ones too. We took pictures of anything and everything in college.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

I hope you're happy. You made me follow. ;)

Sophisticated Steps

Randa said...

This was amazing! Looks like college was really fun for you!

Jennifer Rod said...

Hilarious! Seriously... i loved your most embarrassing photo.... looks like you are a lot of fun, :)

Anonymous said...

These embarrassing college photos are great! We all have them either locked away or deleted forever! I have plenty in my iPhoto library, and even more hilarious...I have a pic doing the pillow bubble butt too.
Enjoy your weekend!

vivI.Iviv said...

these are all such fun x ^_^


Soul said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I love how candid you are and not caring and just showing the world a bit of your personality. You are awesome! <3 You make me wanna pick up a camera and make some silly memories! hehe

Bree said...

HA you've had some pretty awesome costumes and hilarious pictures over the years!

Amylou said...

Best post ever! Old youth photos are always the funniest. I have several! LOL

Little Miss Tiara said...

omg lololol... this is my first visit and I found this, of course the only right thing to do for me is to leave a footprints! *STOMP*

:D I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures, haaha... in a good way, I mean, they're so silly it made me grin, yes grin and not only smile <3

I can't even tell you which one is my favorite xD I love them all!

Sydney said...

I MUST tell you this blog post made me DIE of laughter! Really, God had to bring me back to life I laughed so hard. In fact, I was laughing so hard that my sister came to see what I was up to and she started laughing. So, family came over a bit later and we were like: "guys, you HAVE to see this blog!" and so they all started laughing. Yes, you spread God's joy. :)

Anonymous said...

So fantastic!!!!
Man, I really enjoyed this mini supermodel documentary hour ;]

Nicole said...

So the waffle house picture...I was with a group in the same booth late one night studying and a fight broke out! A knife was pulled and all! It was crazy scary...the adventures of chipley waffle house!

Also my car my the photos..or at least the back seat! Lol!

Christina said...

Yay! I made it in one picture! Even though I think I may have been present for a few of the other events...maybe even behind the camera! Jen, you are one funny woman. I am glad I was able to hang out with you in college and laugh together. And at each other sometimes. lol


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