Sunday, August 7, 2011

O heart, O heart

O heart, O heart I am sick of you.
Why must you torment me this night?
Give up, surrender, and let me go;
Stop this awful, unending fight.
You know you cannot even have
This thing for which you long.
Listen to wisdom and be still;
Don’t yield to this desire so strong.

O Lord, O Lord, I give you this heart
With all its hopes, and dreams.
I will do what you will in my life
No matter how hard it seems.
You know my true thought and intents;
You see to my innermost core.
My every impurity is exposed
And I can’t stand here any more.

O Love, O Love, You are all I need;
You bring the fulfillment I crave.
My heart says I need something else,
But all my love for you I save.
This is my precious sacrifice;
I pour my treasure store for You
Though I want to hold on to the desire
I give it to You to break and make new

O heart, O Lord, O Love, 
This is my only plea:
Take away every wrong desire
And replace it with Thee.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

This is beautiful, Jennifer!

Laura Nelson said...

did you write this!? It's amazing and so beautiful :)

Stephanie said...

wow. powerful words. and my hearts struggle and cry too. thanks for sharing!

Gennean said...

ENCOURAGED. Thank you!

Delaney said...

beautiful poem Jenn!

Sonia said...

Absolutely beautiful. I especially love the final few verses.

Charissa Steyn said...

Beautiful poem! I can so relate to this heart struggle, praying similar prayers these days.

Jo-Ann said...

I needed this today. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer Rod said...

brought me to tears... i relate soo much.... thank you.

Krysta said...

You are a wise girl...

sarah said...

awe, such a beautiful prayer!

Ashley said...

The Lord is our love and filler of our hearts :)


Emily said...

Oh how I love this! Something I definitely have been saying but needing to say with much more conviction!

Love this Jen!!

Michelle said...

I love this Jen!!!

Amylou said...

Jen!! This is so beautiful!
It really touched my heart!


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