Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spotlight on Sponsors

Hello friends! My name is Natalie, and I am the potter and blogger behind NS Pottery. I have a heart for taking dirty clay and turning it into something beautiful and useful in everyday life. I strive to live for Christ every day, and hope that I can inspire others to do the same. On my blog, I talk a lot about my faith as well as my life as a potter. I hope you'll join me in my journey.
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The blog of a girl who is a lily among thorns. She gave up living for herself so that her Lover could live through her. She owes Him her life. I'm pretty much your ordinary girl with an extraordinary hunger for beauty, which can only be found in Him. This blog is pretty much a diary of of my life through His story. 
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Hello! I am Sarah and I am a photographer & designer, from Colorado! I love Jesus with all my heart! I am very close to my family & I love to bake! :) I have an etsy shop: which has my photo prints & other handmade items for sale!

I run a blog called, "on the brightside"… and it is a really fun way for me to document so many things… it is where I share my photos & designs… what inspires me… & little pieces of my blessed life! It really is such a blessing to me! I would love to have you stop by sometime…
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Hello friends! I'm Leigh & I write Very Loveleigh. I believe in turning off the television, opening a book, and wearing a smile. I am blessed to be called as a middle school teacher and live in a little house with a red door that I share with my husband and kitten, Moses. I love knitting, new friends, and above all, Jesus Christ.

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"I am married to my high school sweetheart.  I live in downtown Chicago.  I work at a bakery.  I study communications at Moody Bible Institute.  Now, I blog."

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I'm Jen, and I blog over at Jennifer March. I love photography, fall, my dogs, and a cup of tea and a good book. I'm a student, a worker, and a believer. I write all about my life on my blog, as well as using it to try to make a positive difference in the world. Most recently God has led me to help those in extreme poverty, and I'm so excited to see where He leads me with this. I would love for you to come follow along on my journey with me.
i'm perpetuating my own brand of individuality by combining the act of classy with the act of gangster, because when you're from where i'm from, you can do that. {okay, not quite.} i'm a twenty-year-old undergrad studying english lit and history. i love Jesus, reading & writing, and the color orange. i believe singleness is a gift even when it isn't easy, that faith is a journey, and that it isn't until i lose my life that i find it.

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Beka Fox. Mother of 2. Wifey to 1. My husband (aka-SUPERMAN) and I are in full-time ministry to a small-town in Iowa. We are directors to Master's Commission(! I am a full time photographer & I love to sing & lead worship at my church. My blog is about Jesus, Family, my favorite things, & helping others. :) I enjoy meeting other people. 
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Hi! My name is Mary and I'm a graduate student at University of Florida! I am a student by day and well, a student by night but any time in between I am a craftaholic and blogger obsessed. I have found a passion in using my photography, crafts and new found love of writing to bring glory to and serve God so that He can become greater and I can become less. I strive to be an example of His love for me to others and hope that my blog will bring encouragement and joy to all who read it! 
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Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Marie Wilson. I love God and try everyday to live a life that makes Him smile. I've been blessed with my husband... an amazingly creative man of God that makes ME smile ;)  I'm a lover of all things creative and a photographer that adores the art of style, thats how La Luce was born. It's a mix of my photography, art, writing, design and my handmade accessories. I'm also the founder (with my hubby) of, which is on a mission to saturate the world with LOVE and encourage a lifestyle of people looking for opportunities to uplift and change the world. It is such a pleasure and honor to connect with Jennifer, she has such a beautiful heart and love for God, I can't wait to read about what He does through her in Ethiopia! 
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Tereza said...

LOVE your new header, it's so beautiful!!!
Thanks for sharing all these blogs :)

JRuud said...

Awesome thanks for sharing these lovely blogs. Love your blog hun!! Absolutely adorable :)

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

very happy to be a sponsor! & i love your new blog header... so pretty! :)

Vivi said...

Your blog is looking so pretty Jen!!!! x exciting! :)

Faith said...

I'm excited to be a sponsor this month! Thanks for the lovely post about each blog!

Christie said...

Great sponsers! Love the new header :)


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