Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So the pressure comes...

Heavy is the burden that weighs upon my back
My heart cannot carry it; these walls are starting to crack

I know I’m weak and ever frail, so why do I even try
This pressure is too much for me, pressure on every side

But my strength is utter weakness; my victory is to lose
My triumph is when I’m pressed down, bent, broken, and bruised

For I am pressed into knowing no strength of mine, but God’s
I am pressed into loving His staff and His rod

Though I’m pressed to the ground, I am pressed into You more
I am pressed but not crushed, and Your life in me is outpoured

I give up holding back the pressure, so that my life will be unmarred
For my goal is to know all of You, including suffering’s scars

So the pressure comes, but let it come; it’s bruising is not in vain
It will press me into You and pour me out for the glory of Your name

Because of how You suffered Lord, I will not think this strange
Teach me to count it all as joy and be poured out for Your fame


Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Beautiful! Did you write this?

A girl with a smile said...

this is beautiful. He has taught you display life through a pen...

Jhen.Stark said...


Stephanie said...

This is just absolutely beautiful. Did you write this? Amazing!

Karrie said...

You inspired me to write poetry again! I used to write as a kid and it got harder as I got older. Your poem was beautiful and touching and truly you know where your strength comes from; even in the tough times. God Bless!

Krysta said...

Oh my goodness. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this this morning. Did you write this? It's utterly beautiful.

M. said...

amen, my friend. this is beautiful.

Annie said...

love this.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! Yes, I did write it.

Emily said...

How did you get my poem?

Ok, I kid. These were beautiful words. Nicely written.

Jessica said...

So beautiful.

Amylou said...

So beautiful Jennifer! Thank you for sharing this.

Wild and Precious said...

did you write this!!

you have got me in tears. needed to read this today. so beautiful. i'm 8 months pregnant and things are getting hard (physically and emotionally). LOVE this!!

You should hook up with Indelible Grace or some other Christian song writers. You are gifted!

New to your blog and loving it! am your newest follower.

in fact, i featured YOU today as one of my new favorite blogs! You have been WIGGLED! Check it out: You've been Wiggled!

Jennifer Rod said...

beautiful Jen!!
it blessed me today.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful writing with beautiful imagery. :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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