Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear today, I like you. K bye.

(Disclaimer: This post is very random...sorry.)

So today is Friday for all of you guys that haven't realized that yet. (Everyone say "hooray" and "yippee!") I love (pronounced "luur-ve" thanks to Emily Wright) Fridays! I get so excited at 3 pm because it means I will leave my office in one itty-bitty hour and depart into the wonderfulness of weekending. Today is a stupendous really is. You know those days when you just wake up happy? That was today, which I'm sure is partly due to the fact that I started it off right (with a hot cup coffee and my Bible). Anyway, there are several random things that have been going through my head today, so here they are:

I have discovered that I do not like Polos. I wore one today and I don't like it. I like them on other people, but I feel very "private school-ish" with it on. Yeah, not a fan. I will not wear them on a train. I will not wear them in the rain. I do not like them or exams. I do not like them Sam I am. (Ok, ok. I'll stop, but I could go on...and on...)

I don't regret buying my oxfords. I have seriously worn them almost everyday since I got them. They are practically glued to my feet...and I am ok with it. Mark my words, they will be worn out before the winter is over.

I really, really, really want to go overseas on a mission trip again. Honestly, I just want to pack up and stay, but alas! (Insert sad face here. Or if you are a Harry Potter fan you might interject "earwax." I care not.) I had this pang in my heart when I looked at my pictures of India and the Philippines hanging in my office this morning. Sigh.

Europe is also calling my name, especially England and Italy. I've wanted to travel the world for as long as I can remember. Anyone want to donate a lot of money to the "send-Jen-and Jonathan-on-a-all-expenses-paid-trip-around-the-world" fund? It'll be fun. Promise.

Can you blame me for wanting to be on one of these boats?
(All images curtesy of Google)

Or in this city?

Or to actually touch every last pillar?

Or to explore this British castle?
I have the travel bug. BAD. Truly unfortunate.

(Cue change of subject)

FYI: I am extremely excited about tomorrow. JONATHAN HAS THE DAY OFF! We are never off on the same day unless we have a youth event or something. Seriously, this never happens. To celebrate this atypical Saturday we have lots of fun stuff planned, starting with sleeping in and ending with a double date. Yay!

Ok. That is all for the time being.

Until next time. TTFN, ta ta for now.

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