Friday, September 24, 2010

Pumpkin candles are deceptive.

Yesterday, two sweaty men came in my office to fix something on my computer and stank it up. Believe me, it was horrible! The rest of the day my office smelled like sweaty man because no one had any air freshener. I had to remedy this so it would never, ever happen again. So after work I went shopping at Wally World and bought some pumpkin candles for my office, which then led to other purchases regarding fall-time.

So today the scents of cinnamon buns and pumpkin pie wafted through my office, instead of sweat. Mmm, delicious! These smells deceived my mind into thinking that it might be cooler outside...but then I walked outside for lunch. Stupid heat, you had to go and ruin all my hopes and dreams. Still, wasn't going to let that ruin my fall spirit (which is like Christmas spirit, but in the fall-time). After work, I ventured out to a local park and I had a fabulous time pretending like it was cool outside. Needless to say, my adventure was short-lived. It is still hot outside people. Sadly, I couldn't imagine it away. Bummer.

At least the park had leaves on the ground!

I read for a while, but it got too hot to lay on the blanket.
(Insert sad face here)

Then I went on a little walk...

Look at the cutie I found staring at me. Too bad I can't make him my pet. If so, I would name him Fredrick. Somehow I don't think the Hubs would like it if he came home to a squirrel in his house.

I love trees. I hate that I don't really get to see them turn colors here. 

This might be where little Fredrick lives...maybe?

Or perhaps he lives here...I will never know.

My scarf sort-of made a tent shape on the tree...

Which reminded me of how much I want to go camping. I need to go soon!!!! Well, that is as soon as the temperature goes down a bit.

 Then I came home and decorated for fall with the things I bought yesterday. I love making our little home warm and cozy! 

These pumpkins were on sale at Walmart and I couldn't resist!

I also got some pumpkin candles for the house too, so now the whole house can smell like Autumn!

Here's what I have on our table. 

Fact you may not know: It is a crime to decorate for fall without making pumpkin bread. It's true. Of course I don't want to break the law (Jen's law that is), thus I made some. Right now I am breathing deeply and taking in every decadent scent!

When my boo came home I eagerly showed him what I had decorated and the yummy bread I cooked. He then informed me that he doesn't like food with pumpkin. How can you have the audacity not to like pumpkin? It's like saying that you hate fall. Oh well, all the more for me! And I'm going to eat every last bite, for the sake of celebrating fall of course. That's the only reason. (Wink, wink)


Kelly Ann said...

You know, I created a pumpkin muffin recipe last year and I was so proud of how delicious it was only to find out Luke doesn't like pumpkin things either. I was just as shocked as you!

jenchristine said...

I know! I LOVE pumpkin! I can't imagine fall without it. I would love to have more pumpkin recipes, if you would like to share your muffin one!!!


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