Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Pretty Predicament

So, I broke down.

Not "on-the-side-of-the-road" kind of broke down, but the "finally-gave-in-to-the-gotta-have-it-side-of-me" kind. I've been looking at this pair of oxfords for weeks. I finally convinced myself that they would be my new shoes for fall. However, we are trying to save money for the removal of my wisdom teeth October 15th (doomsday). Just in case you guys didn't know, saving money + spending money = unproductive. Oh well, I'm not to sucumb to the "American Dream" mentality and give more of my money away, but my efforts are being thwarted by all of the cutness out there. Why, why, why do I have this urge to spend imediatly after I commit not to do so? It's just 30 bucks, but that adds up after a very short while. There's probably some pysycological explanation for it, but I guess I need to pray for a heart that is more willing to sacrifice the things I want for others in need. (I am quickly finding out that it is a very difficult feat to accomplish for me.)

So here they sweet new shoes!

Should I feel bad about buying new things? 

They really do look so good with so much of what I already own... maybe this will be one of my last splurges on myself.

Conclusion? I'm going to wear out these shoes. And pray for a more giving spirit. Wish me luck!

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