Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just like the lost boys...but better!

I've always loved the idea of running away to Neverland. I almost did one time. You see, I never wanted my 18th birthday to come. I kept telling my friends that I was going to run away and that they could come with me. Growing up is for the birds, but tree houses are for me...and people who don't want to grow up. Just so you know, I did turn 18. In October I will be 22, but I am still a kid. (Here's a secret: I skip down the halls at work and twirl around like in the Sound of Music when no one is looking!) Proof of this lies in the fact that I love every tree house that I see. Just look at this one! Isn't is amazing?

Can this little nook be anymore perfect for an afternoon read?

Swiss Family Robinson has nothing on this cute little look-out.

Well, I think I shall retire to my tree house (aka: the couch, because it is the next best substitute) to take a nap. At least I have a picture of the great outdoors hanging on the wall to look at before I doze off. I would just look out our window, but I'm afraid the scene of concrete and cars is not very picturesque. Such is life my friends.

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