Wednesday, September 8, 2010

floral shirts, mint & proverbs 3:5-6

We have been married for 3 months and 17 days today, and everyday gets better. It really is amazing what you learn from being married. My hubby and I dated long enough to know each other pretty well. Due to that fact, there haven't been any huge "surprises" that have shocked either of us...just amusing little things. I must say, I love being married to my man. I am so thankful that God brought me to him! Neither of us are perfect, but we are learning how to live together in a God-honoring way. Needless to say, being married is down-right funny sometimes and very eye-opening at other times. Here are a three examples:

1. Clothes: The other day we were getting dressed for a gig when my husband informs me that I am wearing my "old lady" shirt. (It is a cute purple, floral button up, which is very "in" these days. I paired it with some skinny jeans and vintage earrings.) I laugh and tell him that it is in style. He replies by saying that his grandmother must be fashionable as well. He is very silly. Still, I don't get offended at such remarks for several reasons. 1) I know he is kidding with me (the playful kind) and is not saying that I look bad at all. 2) He is not a fashion expert. Sure, he knows is outdoor apparel such as Northface, Patagonia, etc. However, my wardrobe has a classy, vintage, and indie flare...definitely not outdoorsy. 3) He smiles after he says it. One thing is for sure, he keeps my life fun and interesting. (I secretly like his teasing.)

2. Dinner time: One word comes to mind. LATE. We have a late dinner most nights. I am not a huge fan of doing so. (I normally like to eat around 7:00 pm.) The problem is that Jonathan has his lunch break at 2:45 pm and gets home around 7:45 pm, meaning he is not hungry until late o' clock at night. Sad day for me, but I am learning to forgo my hunger and wait so that we can eat together. Compromise is key, or so I am finding.

3. Similarities: We are constantly discovering that we have very similar tastes in everything: movies, music, and especially food. The other night we found out that neither of us really like mint. Who knew? Add that to the "Eww, yucky" collection, which contains eggs, onions, mushrooms, and the list goes on.

These are many other stories I assure you. The things I am learning are abundant. Overall, I see how much better we are together than apart. We certainly balance each other well. Being a young married couple is lots of fun for sure, but it is also an acute battle against selfishness (certainly much more so than when we were just dating). I deeply long to be a godly woman and a godly wife. Marriage is helping to chisel me into becoming so. In my husband I have the daily opportunity to put someone else first. (Here's a secret: I don't always make A's.) I am also seeing that "becoming one" is an ongoing process, and not an easy one at that! I need to encourage, take time to engage, support, spend time with him and a myriad of other things. It's a tall order, one I can't fill on my own. I was reminded once more today that I need to lean not on my own understanding (like I have any marital experience anyway) but in all my ways acknowledge the Lord, trusting that he will direct my steps, our steps. (Proverbs 3:5-6 is our marriage verse.)

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Breanne said...

so i just read this and found it hilarious. Kendall and I are just the same in regards to dressing. He is obsessed with his craghopper shirts and hiking boots and he doesn't get my style at times. He was thrilled when we went shopping at REI and he bought me tons of outdoorsy clothes for Peru. I remember standing there and saying, "kendall, I am dressing like you! What's happening?" He just laughs and says, "That was my plan all along.."
husbands are such a joy to have. :)


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