Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wandering into Wonderland!

Hello world. I have very important news. Brace yourselves. I am going to Wonderland just like Alice. No really! I'll chase a rabbit in a suit and bow tie, see the Cheshire cat, the Mad hatter...Okay, not quite. But I am getting my wisdom teeth removed this Friday. I am really happy about it. Seriously! They have been giving me endless grief since last Saturday, keeping me awake at night and causing my head to feel like it is going to implode. I assure you, I've been loving every minute. NOT! I can't wait to go under the anesthesia and have some fantastic hallucinations and weird dreams. (I might see a rabbit. Who knows?) Meds make me really loopy (just ask my husband and best friend Ashley). Just the other night I took the toothpaste out of the cabinet, paused and suddenly became very perplexed. I then proceeded to ask with all sincerity, "Where's the toothpaste?" I was only on Tylenol extra strength people! Very sad, I know. I can guarantee that I will do some really hilarious things after my surgery and I can't wait for my husband to tell me about them after I return from my own version of Wonderland. For now I'll just have to deal with my dulled mental state due to my pain reliever. Fun times I tell you, fun times.

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