Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Michelle's Visit

While I was in college I used to bring my friends home with me for Labor Day weekend. We always had a blast with the fam. However, this year has brought many changes and with it comes new holiday traditions. Being married makes things interesting, especially when your husband works in retail. (Meaning he works while I am off.) I was kind of bummed that I wouldn't be doing anything fun until I had a lightbulb moment. My sister could come visit me! After a week of letting it sink in with my parents, they decided to let her come. I was beyond excited.

After she arrived Friday afternoon, we went grocery shopping for the weekend (getting lots of goodies) and then went out to eat with the hubby after he got off work. The next day was packed full of fun. We started the day off right by sleeping in (yay!) and then hit the antique stores. We found two adorable necklaces. Here is one of them:

Then we came back for lunch, got all "vintage-ized" and went out for some creative fun. Growing up we always were having our picture made by our mom...there are zillions of photo albums to prove it. (So if you think I take to many pictures, blame it on my mom. No offense mom. I love you!) We both love "documenting" life through the lens as well. I've been dying to go to a few places to play around with the camera a bit, but I have been to chicken to go by myself. Being kidnaped is not on my bucket list. However, I knew Michelle would appreciate these places, so I took advantage of the opportunity. This is the result. (And no, I will not ever tell where this secret little spot is located.)

We had a great time playing out in the country. 

Sunday and Monday were very relaxing days. We watched some girlie movies that I don't make my man watch, such as Sense and Sensibility and Confessions of a Shopaholic. We also went shopping and ate at California Yogurt Kraze (which is so much better than ice cream). I was kind of sad to see her go that afternoon. She really is my best friend. 

Sadly, Michelle's car broke down on her way home. I picked up the stranded lady and she had to stay another night with the crazy newly-weds. (No really, I was quite kooky last night. Let's just say that the Wii is way too fun for me!) Finally, my handy-man was able to get everything taken care of on her car and she went on her way. 

Maybe a sisterly visit will be a new Labor Day tradition...without the car problems that is. 

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