Monday, January 24, 2011

A few memories & a sneak peak

I still remember the first time I put on my wedding dress like it was yesterday. 

Jonathan and I had been engaged for about two weeks and I had come home for the weekend to show off my ring and to do a little wedding dress shopping. That Saturday, my mom and I walked into our chosen Bridal shop to look for THE DRESS. I was lost in a sea of white. You could say it was a type of heaven...nearly wedded bliss! After showing a few pictures to the sales associate, we pulled about 10 dresses and tramped happily to the fitting rooms. 

Somehow or another, one with a silver broach called to me to be the first pick. Lovely fitted satin encompassed me in feelings of happiness. As soon as I stepped up onto the platform, it hit me:

"This is really happening. I'm getting married!" 

Ah, there was something so special about that dress. I tried on all different types of dresses: frilly, lace, organza, ball-gown, A-line, name it. Still, I could help but to be drawn back to that beautiful mermaid-style gown. 

It was perfect.

By the end of the day I had already made up my mind. I certainly didn't need to try on 100 different gowns. I knew. This was it. A few weeks later I came back to get my sister's approval and make the first payment. I had started saving about 6 months prior and was very excited to be spending my own money on such a special item!

Soon 7 months of engagement had expired and May 22, 2010 had finally come! I was slipping into my wedding dress on our wedding day! I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life. I still remember the moment when my eyes first locked with my beloved that day. It was a day of pure satisfaction, bliss, elation and joy.

Although my dress was certainly a big part of that special day, it is not what I cherish most. I am very glad to be passing it on now to be a part of someone else's special day. I truly could not be more excited to be putting it to good use! 

Still, I wanted to do something in honor of "the passing of hands." This past Friday, my good friend Cassidy took some "bridal" pictures for me. I didn't do a bridal shoot before our wedding and I knew I wanted to do something of the like before I parted with it. I was actually on the way home from work when the thought hit me, "I may never put my dress on again after tomorrow. I need some pictures!"(Keep in mind that I hadn't even packed for our trip to visit my family yet...and we were planning on leaving 2 hours after I got off!) Fortunately, I have a very talented friend who just so happened to be available for some spontaneous fun! After we were finished, I seriously threw stuff into our suitcase and packed up the car to leave. It was close, but I managed to fit it all in and wash the dishes! 

Here is a little sneak peak from the shoot:

There will be more to come!!! 


Megan said...

so so lovely! You are such a classic beauty. LOVE your dress.

My husband and I were engaged 7 months too!

Jessame said...

Amazing pics!!! You are gorgeous my dear!!! The first dress I tried on was "the one" my family forced me to try on several more but I hated them all...when you know ya just know :)

alexandra grecco said...

so so lovely! congrats!


Faith said...

Looks like your wedding was beautiful! It was nice of you to give away the gown. That will be a blessing to another lovely bride!

Carlee and Jared Payton said...

I love these pics! You are so beautiful!

kristine said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are absolutely stunning. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Love your bridal photos so much!

Kristine. Or Polly.

CarrieJo said...

Love it! My photographer asked to take some pics of mine in the snow...brrr! But should be fun pics!

You look great! :)

jenchristine said...

Thank you ladies!

Ramsey said...

Hi girlie! I just gave you a bloggie award! Much love!

jenchristine said...

Wow! I've never gotten one of those! Thank you so much!

alexis said...

you are gorgeous! and what a pretty gown! love.

Nicole... given said...

i love your dress and hair! i am totally the newest follower :)

mandyface said...

oh i LOVE it with the cardi! how pretty!

Ramsey said...

Oh my gosh! Those are gorgeous! I completely cannot believe they were last minute!!! Your friend did an amazing job....I love all the pearls and the sweater! I'm glad your dress gets to make someone else's special day. I plan to wear my mom's dress (reworked) that my aunt also wore when she got married. I like the sentimental value.

Linley said...

love all these pictures! you look gorgeous!


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