Sunday, January 9, 2011

A lovely shade of blue

My hubs came home the other day, noticed a few "updates" to the house and said "You didn't ask me if I wanted that white!" He loves to joke with me about the changes I make around the house. What's so funny about it is that he couldn't care less about decorating, that is as long as I don't use pinks and purples everywhere. (Not that I would ever do that anyway.) I love earthy shades and he does too, so it works for us. You can guarantee that I will love just about anything blue, green, beige and especially white. 

One of my favorite ways to decorate is to take old not-so-great-looking things and spray paint them! Here are some of my latest projects:

We have this horrible piano on our back porch that is too heavy to move (long story), so I decided to make use of the bench.

It was in awful shape, but with a little white paint it looks much better. To create a shabby chic look I rubbed some sandpaper along the edges. I really like the result.

Now it lives at the foot of our bed. I can't wait to put some fresh flowers there in the spring!

Since putting away our Christmas decor, I realized our bedside table needed a facelift. 

I found the vintage window pane a while back and really wanted to use it somewhere in our bedroom. So on the bedside table it went.

Then I added the vintage books and one of our engagement pictures. 
(Props to T2 Photography. You should check them out!)

But what I'm really excited about is this lamp! It was a light gold color (which neither of us were crazy about), but now it is a lovely shade of blue! The lamp shade was a dark gold, but that was soon changed as well. I love this lamp now! 

I love decorating that costs me next to nothing! Spray paint is seriously my best friend. Now if only I could paint all of our furniture white. (Just kidding babe!) 


kELLO! said...

i've been looking for an old window pane! like what you did with yours. i do the sandpaper trick a lot- i like the look of it, too :)

Jenna said...

oh, i love that window pane! i am really loving your blog. your pictures are lovely and your love for Christ is beautiful. :)

i look forward to following!

jenchristine said...

@ kELLO - Thanks girl! I found out about the sandpaper trick a couple of weeks ago and I've used it on so many things!

@ Jenna - I appreciate it. I'm so glad I found you too!


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