Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Live, To Die

Sometimes I am so overcome with longing to be with my Savior in Heaven. On those days, I get so eager to part with this world and be swept up in the delights of worshiping Him, seeing His glory, reveling in His love - FOREVER!

My heart beats a wildly
For I long to be with You
My soul aches with inner longing
For this earthy life to be through

I want to see You in glory
To worship forever at Your feet
Sweep me up with You
My Love, you are what I need

The taste of death will not be
Bitter to these lips of mine
I’ll relinquish my last breath in joy
Glad that it is finally my time

How can I not desire the One
Who has taken hold of me
How can I keep from loving You
My God, You are all-consuming

Do not hold back Yourself
O Lord – my One true desire
I cannot live without You near
You consume me with Your fire

If my body must groan for heaven
Many years more while here
Give me a glimpse of what’s to come
Let Your presence always be near

To die is gain without compare
To live is only for You
To die is gain by a hundredfold
For I long to be with You


Faith said...

Lovely song! I like the photo, as well. It captures our longing for a better place, our yearning for home.

jenchristine said...

Thanks Faith! That is definitely how I felt!

Jeanine said...


jenchristine said...

Thank you Jeanine!


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