Saturday, January 22, 2011

Music is a must.


I have finally picked up the guitar again.

I use to play a whole lot more in college, but that has been almost a year now....shame on me. I miss college life sometimes. Those spare hours between classes were wonderful for writing, thinking and playing music. Alas! Those days are gone never to return! Well, they might when we go to seminary...if we go to seminary. However, I thought I should start back up again regardless. 

I don't have a piano (which is my instrument of choice) at my disposal, and sometimes I just really NEED to play music. Solution? Start playing one of the 4 guitars we have at the house. I really don't have a good excuse not to pick it up. My husband plays very well, so it's not I don't have someone to teach me. Being married to an extremely talented musician sure does have it's perks! I rather like it. 

Being a music major has helped me understand the theory of playing, but I need lots of practice on my strumming for sure! I was inspired to pick back up after hearing Hillsong's new CD "A Beautiful Exchange." It is fantastic! Love Like Fire is one of my new favorite worship songs!

So without further ado, here is the song I am learning to play these days. 

Pardon me, I need to go practice.


CarrieJo said...

good for you!!! :)

jenchristine said...

Thanks! I am so excited about it...I've started playing on my lunch breaks. It's so fun!

It's A Love Story said...

I love music!! I have played the piano since I was five, I started playing the guitar when I was 12, I can also play the harp, and drums but the piano is my Fav!

Cassidy said...

Ok, yes I have heard this song! I didn't recognize it by the song title when you mentioned it yesterday. I love it! And I'd love to hear you sing and play it. :)

jenchristine said...

@Liz: That is awesome! I started playing around 6 or 7. That's awesome that you play the harp, guitar and drums too! Still, I will always be a sucker for piano!

@Cass: We should totally get together and jam sometime!

Jeanine said...

Love this song.

Good for you...pick up that guitar! I'll be honest...I have taken the lazy man way out on that one...I used to play pretty well and then over the past years I have pretty much stopped all together. And when I say 'pretty much' I mean never play. at. all. And this is bad!! I am probably not being a good steward of possible gift from God or something, right?... Oh thanks for reminding me! And setting the example :)

jenchristine said...

I felt so bad about not playing anymore either, but my husband will let me play with him when we lead worship on Wednesday nights once I am good enough....I hope that keeps me motivated! It is so easy to loose those skills!

Ramsey said...

Oh how I wish I could play! I used to play the piano until the whole college and work thing got me and now I'm so busy that it hardly ever happens anymore...I do miss it. By the way, LOVE the flowery hair accessories in your last post!

Arstcrylique said...

I love this post!
Your blog looks really nice, I'm glad I found it :)

Sara Ottavia C.

jenchristine said...

@Ramsey: I'm so glad my husband keeps me motivated. ;) And thanks...I love to make things. I'm having a craft party soon and making more of those headbands!

@Sara: Thanks girl! I will have to check yours out as well!


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