Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ode to My Bed

(I feel so uninspired today....well for the past several days. All I want to do is sleep! Thus, this ode.)

Dear big comfy bed
You keep me sane
You aid in wonderful rest
For this weary brain

Your pillows are so plush
On them I love to lay my head
No others will do at all
None others but yours, O bed

Your mattress leaves me speechless,
And quickly takes me into dreams
I lay down upon it and rest
I'm in rapture it seems

Your covers engulf me
In the wondrous warmth I adore
The frigid wind cannot find me
Here I am cold no more

Dear bed you bring me joy
Upon the day's end
I meet you nightly with delight
And part sadly as the day begins

The End!


Megan said...

lol amazing...this is so cute..annd exactly how I feel about my bed.

jenchristine said...

Thanks girl. I really am spoiled now that we share such a big comfy bed. It will hard to give up (if ever I have to do so)!


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