Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Addendum

My mother told me this weekend that I better blog my birthday festivities at home this past weekend. I always listen to my mom, so here it is (per her request).

I had a wonderful time at home!  I was welcomed home by a large camper sitting in the drive way. My parents recently purchased it and I was soon given the tour. After that we looked at my wedding pictures and enjoyed the evening together.

The next day the girls went shopping.

We ladies had a wonderful lunch at JJ's Bistro.

It is a quaint little French restaurant.

Lunch proved to be quite hilarious. We decided that we make mistakes in life because we are happy. Apparently mom was really happy after lunch because she couldn't find the car. Love you mom!

I was very excited about shopping at the Town Center. Where I live, shopping is not so great.

I found some FANTASTIC deals. I came away with some great deals!
  • Urban Outfitter sweater: $20
  • Black Silk Dress from the Loft: $15
  • Cute army green top from the Loft : $6

Then we returned home for a family celebration. I opted for pumpkin pie in lieu of the customary b-day cake. Luke was absent due to being invited to the UF vs. MSU game. I might forgive him one day. Maybe.


Michelle found the entire collection of Jane Austin's works. I was thrilled!

YAY for fall clothes! They really are my favorite. I'd prefer a scarf and sweater over a tank top and shorts ANY day.

I thought it was very appropriate to end with this lovely picture. My littlest brother looks so intelligent.

We ended the evening by watching Anne of Green Gables. So fun.

It was a good weekend. The end.

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