Friday, October 29, 2010

The Process: Getting Dressed

Alarm goes off.
Alarm goes off again. And again.
Get out of bed.
Put my face on.
Coffee. Yes, I need coffee.
Sit and read for a bit.
Blow dry hair (sometimes)
Say “good morning” to my groggy hubs.
Get dressed.
Brush teeth.
Run out the door.
That is pretty much my morning routine for every week day. Sometimes I opt for coffee before I put on my face. Sometimes I don’t wash my hair (thereby skipping the blow-dry part). Sometimes the alarm goes off a few more times than three. Sometimes I tell my hubs about the weird dreams I had during the night. (My dreams are usually very bizarre.) Nonetheless, my process generally stays close to the same every day, with the exception of getting dressed. It has its own process altogether.

Most of the time I am dressed and out the door 30 minutes before my hubby, so he doesn’t witness my “getting dressed” process. However, he finds it comical when he does watch me going through “the process.” He thinks it makes no sense that you could be “feeling” one article of clothing one day and not another day. To him you either like the shirt (or whatever it may be) or you don’t. Men and women are very different in this area. Or perhaps I’m just weird. I mean, not liking the color brown on any given day doesn’t make you clinically insane does it? Of course it doesn’t! Changing outfits is not a crime. That would be silly. If it was I’d be in big trouble.

People are different, and so are their “getting dressed” routines.

Here’s how my hubs gets dressed:
“Hmm…these jeans are clean. This shirt looks good. Okay, great.” He puts gel in his hair and then he’s done.

Here’s how I get dressed:
“Hmm…what do I feel like wearing today? This shirt? No, I’m not feeling that color today. I didn’t wash my hair this morning, so that means it will need to be put up. Well, I’m not wearing that because I don’t like to wear it with my hair up. Hmm…I really want to wear these boots today. What goes with them? Darn, the pants I want to wear with them are dirty! These might work! Ok, now what top? Let’s try this one. Eww, no! This one works. Ooo, and that will look cute with these earrings and this headband. Hmm, now I need a belt with this. Where in the world is my brown belt? Oh here it is. Ok, this is coming together. Yay. This bracelet would match too. Ok, I like this. I’m ready.” I put my hair up. Then I am done.

When I lived at home, I remember my sister would start off her morning by sitting in front of the closet for what seemed like an eternity. She’d sit there until she came up with an outfit (especially on Sundays) and also to wake up a bit before getting in the shower. (That last bit is just my speculation on the matter.)

Very different approaches, eh? I’m quite sure my dear hubs did not pick what he was going to wear today based on his shoes (like I did). Sometimes a whole outfit will revolve around a pair of shoes. That’s not so with my hubs. As a matter of fact, he wears the same 3 pairs of shoes every day and they are all a variant of brown. BORING! (I love you babe and I am not in any way saying that you are boring.) Basically all his shirts match with those shoes. Is my wardrobe the same way? Far from it! I love variety.

In conclusion folks, people are funny. They are diverse. They have different tastes, styles and routines. I love to hear funny “getting ready” stories. If you have any, by all means pass them along!


Michelle said...

Jen! I love your blog, and I am SO glad we can keep up with eat other this way too:)! I need all your expertise on how to make a blog so cute-ha!

jenchristine said...

Thanks Michelle! I am very much looking forward to being blogger friends! Let me tell you that and has really cute backgrounds for blogs. That's where I got mine!

Emily said...

haha! i'm the same way! i've tried laying an outfit out the night before to save some time in the morning, but by the time I wake up, my mind has completely changed and i think "why the heck would i wear this today!?"


Faith said...

"You might also like" led me to this post, and I completely relate to it! The only time I miss dorm life is when I can't decide what to wear. When I ask Josh, "How does this look?" he always says, "Fine." So helpful. :)


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