Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleepover at the Blair's

Sleepovers are great. When I was little I didn't many sleepovers at my house. When you're the oldest of 6 kids, share a bedroom with your annoying little sister, and your mom doesn't like you watching a lot of movies or staying up late, sleepovers are kind of hard to come by. Fortunately, most of my friends didn't have my same predicament. My best friend's mom would basically let us do whatever we wanted. Ah, those where the days! You never knew what was going to happen at those sleepover parties. Fun times.

One day our kids are going to want to have sleepovers at our house and I am going to love it. I always loved going to sleepovers where the mom made scrumptious food, went all out to make us comfy and let us watch movies late into the night. I'm going to be that mom. The cool mom. The one that makes yummy food and lets them stay up sort-of late.

However, those days are still quite a ways off (Lord willing). Tonight I'm the one having a sleepover at my own house. My best friend is coming to visit this weekend and she is sleeping at our house. We used to be college roomies. We have so many memories together and it will be so good to be together again.

This is us as roomies our first semester in college.

I love her. We're going to have fun. Enough said.

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