Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My 1st Birthday As Mrs. Blair

Being married is da bomb. It makes everything in life better...like birthdays. I had a fan-STINKIN'-tastic birthday. There's nothing else in the world like your birthday. It's a very special day. I always wake up excited on mine. Nothing special may happen the whole day, but it still feels magical. Sigh!

My birthday this year was full of surprises, though not nearly as big as last years engagement surprise.

This is what my bosses surprised me with on Thursday. I wasn't expecting anything, so it made it incredibly sweet.

Then my aunt, uncle and cousins visited me at work and left me flowers!

Upon my arrival at home, I found a card addressed to "wife" (I assumed that meant me) on the coffee table. The contents were full of sweet things, and directions to meet my dear hubs at his work-place.

We then trekked to a place of eating...a Japanese hibachi restaurant. YUMMY! We were there exactly one year ago. It was the night we got engaged, except I had no clue about what was soon to transpire in my life. My gorgeous ring turned 1 year old! Oh the memories!

It just so happened that the hubs had Saturday off after my birthday. We decided to make the most of it by taking a day trip to PC. We were able to visit with most of his dad's side of the family, as well as my aunt, uncle and kiddos. Afterwards, we wasted away the evening at Pier Park. I came away with a lovely lightweight jacket thanks to my boo.

The only thing that was NOT lovely about the day was the temperature. I wanted to wear my cute fall things, but NO! It had to be hot. Fail, fail, and fail. I wore a long-sleeved shirt out of pure spite for Mr. Weather. I hope the he gets my memo. I might throw a tantrum in the near future if he continues this horrid behavior. Right now he sure is acting like an annoying little brother, except I can't really put him in his place. I tried tattling to Mother Nature already, but she doesn't listen very well. Alas! Maybe I should consider sucking up to him. Hmm, I'm not sure exactly to go about that. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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