Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home is where your mom is, of course!

It's true. Home is where your mom is...and your daddy, sisters, brothers, dog, hamster, and where all your old stuff from when you were a kid is kept. Or at least that's how it goes for me, especially the old stuff part. My mother probably doesn't know how much junk I still have packed in the closet. (Insert mischievous snicker here.) But then again she might read this. Dang it. My secret is out! Maybe? Maybe not?

Moving on.

Home is a wonderful place. I love to walk in the door and take in the smell, that is after I get past the laundry room. (You never know what you might smell with 5 younger siblings wreaking havoc all over the place.) I might be crazy, but my house has a certain smell. I think every body's house does. Admittedly, some smell better than others, but they have a distinct scent nonetheless. One of my relatives homes smells like laundry detergent and Lysol. My Granny and Granddaddy's house always has a fragrace of fresh baked/ cooked something or other, mingled with hints of nostalgia.

But home...(correction), my parent's home....

That home has such a welcoming aroma. It's almost like I get a wiff of the very beams the house is made of... I smell the essence of the place. I can't put my finger on exactly what it smells like, but I do know that when I take it in...I am home. I don't quite have that same feeling about our town house. I love coming home (to our apartment) because it means I am coming home to Jonathan, to our life together, to diner, to comfort, etc, but it's different. Maybe it's because I know we're not going to stay there. Then again, I've always had a feeling that I might not ever have a permanent home. I've never really felt "tied" to a place and always been ok with moving across the state or across the world.

More on that later.

Anyhow, I get to take in the smells, sights and sounds of home very soon, this Friday actually! I haven't been home since August and I am so thrilled about seeing everyone. (Minus my oldest little bro. He will be missed!) I love them all so much! I'm going to upset if they've changed even one little bit. The sad thing about being the oldest of so many brothers and sisters is that they change while I'm not around. I miss their parties and games. Oh well, such is life. Thus, I'm going to make the most of this weekend and revel in every single second with my precious family.

As I leave I'll drink up the aroma of home until I'm full. Then I'll put it all away in a safe place in my mind, so I can pull it out to savor when I miss them.

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