Friday, October 22, 2010

Newly-wed goals (Check up)

Back in June I posted about my newly-wed goals. Well folks, it's time to weigh in and see how I'm doing.

My goals were as follows:


1. Learn how to cook meat well (my last attempt at steak didn't turn out as well as I would have liked)
  • Yay! The first goal has been successfully completed! The crock pot has come in handy for meat.
2. Try a new recipe once every 10 days
  • Ok, I was good at this for a while. Life just seems so busy these days. I try a new recipe around once every 2 weeks these days.
3. Find healthy go-to meals for the Mr. and myself
  • I've found some...but not nearly enough!
4. Finish sorting out all of our wedding things that are stacked in our spare room
  • DONE!!!! Our spare room is finally organized and semi-decorated. I guess it is as decorated as a spare room needs to be.
5. Thank you notes.
  • I've done half. Do I still get a good grade on this one? Etiquette says I've got up to a year right?

1. Start my running routine again (I stopped my daily habit soon after we got engaged)
  • I started running again 3 times a week. However, I've slacked off again lately. Maybe I'll run again today? No promises though.
2. Go on a bike ride every once in a while (which means getting a bike :)
  • I fail this one. I still don't have a bike and I've yet to even get on a bike.
3. Drink more water
  • Check. That one was easy.

1. Spending more time in the Word in the mornings
  • I'd be lying if I said I didn't (still) struggle here. I'm up and down these days.
2. Pray for my husband and our marriage every day
  • Not everyday...still working on it.
3. Pray for the ministries around me
  • Better, but still not great.
4. Seek out more ministry opportunities
  • God has been so good to give me opportunities to serve Him. I hope He entrusts me with more!
5. Become an encourager
  • I started with my husband and I'm slowly trying to encourage the other people I'm around daily.
6. Pray for the opportunity to go overseas again soon!
  • I might go to Turkey next Spring. I'm still praying about that!

1. Make some new friends in Dothan! (Lots of my good friends don't live close to me anymore. Sad day)
  • YES!!! I've made more friends. I'm so thankful for them!
2. Throw a fabulous diner party complete with three courses
  • Wahoo! Yes I did. I loved it. It's about time for another one as well.
3. Have a fun game night
  • Jonathan and I bought Life and Clue. We played together one night if that counts. Or maybe we played at the dinner party. I don't remember.
4. Have a "girl's lunch" once every couple weeks
  • Nope. I meet with 3 other girls every other Thursday though. (It's lots of fun!)

Well, I suppose it's time to make some new goals. However, I will have to think about it for a while.

Stay tuned!

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