Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I love getting dressed up. I always have. Pretending to be someone else is a ball. I am very excited that we get to do just that this Friday.
WE’RE GOING TO A HALLOWEEN PARTY! (If you can type at the top of your lungs, that’s what I just did.)
This is the first time Jonathan and I have ever dressed up together. In years past, I went home most weekends, and most of the time he had to work anyway. But that’s not the case this year! The hubs tried on his costume last night and it looks AWESOME! Mine however, need some work. The best part about dressing up (as a character) is getting to act like them. There will an accent going on for sure. Fun, fun, fun! We were definitely practicing our lines last night in front of the mirror. Don’t judge. You know you’d do it too if you were dressed up like us.
We are going to be ______. I would tell you, but if I did I’d have to kill you. I don’t want to kill you, so I will refrain for your sake. (Insert mischievous giggle here.) But don’t worry, you shall find out soon enough. If there is something special going on, rest assured that I will take pictures. Lots.
Here’s a clue about what were going to be. I love guessing games.
Where guns and swords and treasure abound, there you’ll find this lad and lass are found.
Do you know yet? Any guesses?


Leah Belle said...

i know! i know!!!

jenchristine said...

I'm certain you know what Jonathan is going to be, but me? Hmm.


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