Monday, November 15, 2010

Carolina Weekend

I love weddings! This was the first one I've attended since we were married, and I think my affection for them has grown. It is incredible to see how God brings two different people together. I just can't help but to wear a huge smile and turn all gushy inside. How old am I again? Oh well.

After I got off work on Friday, we started our trek up to NC. My hubs was so sweet to drive us the whole way. (Side note: I love taking trips with my hubs! I've always been packed into a van with 5 other siblings my whole life for road trips. I must say that I like the change!) He drove all through the night while I played on my new smartphone and slept. He is so wonderful. When we arrived at the hotel at 4:00 AM we were more than ready to hit the sack for a the next few hours.

I got up fairly early the next morning to visit with my family. I hadn't seen most of them since my wedding, including my brother! It was a sweet time. Then we all headed back to the rooms to don our wedding attire. Doesn't my man look so handsome in his suit?

My lovely sister

My talented cousin Lydia played the violin.

I love my rents!

We played on our new phones as we waited. Shame on us! comes the bride! I love the look in Brad's eyes!

They are just too adorable.

Have I ever mentioned that I love NC? Well, I do indeed! They actually have SEASONS there! I tried to convince my hubs that we should go to seminary at Wake Forrest, as apposed to Texas (which seems a world away). It may or may not have worked. We'll see!

Here's a sneak peak of the fam's Christmas card. Shhh!

Just being goofy.

This would be our Christmas card pic...if we were doing one that is...

Look at my pretty sister!

And my handsome not-so-little-anymore brother!

Napoleon, I mean my Dad is such a kidder!

This was actually our first real dance. We've swayed back and forth during certain romantic moments, but never danced. Jonathan was singing "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" the whole time. I liked it.

Cake cutting. Jen's face cracks me up. We like that she's the newest addition to the family, that is as long as she doesn't treat us like that cake.

Some of the cousins went outside for pictures.

Somehow I ended up jumping off the rock. (It's probably because I'm still a kid at heart.) Anyway, my hubs caught me just in time.

My husband is so fine! He is the epitome of manhood, and I am one lucky lady.

The 3 stooges...I mean sisters. I think Chell and I are looking more and more alike as we get older. It probably doesn't help that we have the same hair cut and all. I had it first though.

Our traditional girl cousin picture....minus Rachel and Anna.

The rest of the weekend was spent soaking up as much family time as we could. We are so spread out, that having all of us in one place it a very rare occurrence. All in all it was a great weekend. It was well worth the 10 hours there and back...although my lower back would say otherwise.

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