Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My soul has become languid
All passion lies dormant in my soul
Chilly winds have made me cold
Threatening to consume me whole

All growth has come to a halt
Layers of winter cover my heart
I have not kept the fire burning
I have wholly failed to do my part

Complacency has iced over me
And now I cannot leave
Comfort takes the place of sacrifice
I now do whatever I please

My fingers have become too numb
To even lift a finger to turn a page
Warmth and life are at their tips
But instead I choose the grave

But my God is a Consuming Fire
One touch and I am set ablaze
I melt in His glorious presence
My heart burns in His gaze

Now  I feel myself being swept away
Winter’s walls are being burnt down
I can see You clearly once more
My fervor for You again is found

May I not sink back again into winter
Keep the fire alive as I am on my face
Always kindle the ashes of my devotion
For I must not return to that listless place


Stacy Hill said...

Jennifer, did you write this? It is a beautiful poem!

jenchristine said...

Yes, mam. I did. Thank you!


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