Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sort of New & Improved

A few new (well at least sort of new) things have been added to the Blair house. I have done quite a few things since my last home decor post, so I thought it was about time to update.

Last Friday night I decided to stay up late and craft. It was so fun.

I started this...

While watching this (Sense and Sensibility)...

And it turned out like this!!! I love it. I used an old Hymnal.

Saturday I decided to go to my local craft store and antique stores. I scored some great stuff!

Michael's has these floral stems for 60% off!

I found that chair in the corner for $15. (It has more character up close.) I might paint it. Color? Also, the basket was 60% off as well. I may change up that corner, but that's how it is for now.

I've recently put this clock up and the old suitcase under the magazine basket. I've also added curtains to the window, but I forgot to take a picture of that. 

Last but not least, my amour! It has such a cute shabby chic look to it! LOVE! Thank you antique store! I've been on the lookout for this ever since we moved in.

I paid $8 for the plate hangers from the antique store and got the pine cones guessed it, 60% off.

Slowly, but surely I am making this town house a home. I love to change things up, so I am constantly moving stuff around. I'm sure it won't look this way if you come visit me in the near future.

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