Thursday, November 11, 2010

Excuse me Mozart, I need your music. Thanks!

Ok, so I don't have any gold...besides my wedding rings that is. Absolutely none. Lots of my stuff glitters, but is it gold? That would be a big fat NO! My jewelry collection is proof that not all that glitters is gold. However, that doesn't bother me one bit. Why do I speak of glitter you ask? Well because I am adding LOTS MORE to our home soon. And no, it won't be jewelry.

(Cue intro music: dun, dun, du dun...) It's going to be all over our Christmas decor!

I must admit that I'm fairly obsessed with all things sheet music and glitter these days, especially in the crafting realm of things. I am determined to make at least one new craft from now until Christmas.

Here is my inspiration:

A version of this is most definitely going to find its way onto our Christmas tree!

I love this tree! Look at the sparkly letters!

I'll be making some mini sheet music wreaths.

I love these decorative balls. I'd add some glitter though.

Isn't this the cutest shabby chic dresser you've ever seen?

I also might try to dress up some old lampshades to switch out now and then.

Thank you Mustard Seed Creations for the fabulous ideas!

I also found this. No it's not sheet music or glittery, but I am infatuated nonetheless. I need a globe to cut in half. Like now!

I plan on using a lot of sheet music in the near future. If anyone has some to donate, I can get it off your hands and put it to good use! Let the Christmas crafting begin!


Michelle said...

I want the big M for my room!!!!So cute!


Michelle said...

LOVE these ideas! Shabby Chic christnas will be so cute! Can't wait to see your pics!

jenchristine said...

At first I wasn't sure which Michelle was which...Chell, you will get something cute like that soon. And to the other Michelle: Thanks! I will be sure to post some. Right now I move our Christmas tree every other day. I need to hurry up and decide where I want it!


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