Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On a shoe-string...

Decorating your home can be difficult as a poor newly-wed, especially when your budget for such things amounts to a whopping total of zip, zilch, zero, nada…You get the picture. I’m also not one that keeps things the same way for long. I love to change things up. Sometimes I will move things just for the sake of moving them. (My husband finds this habit weird, but he loves me anyway.)
Unfortunately, this tendency can become quite expensive. And that my friends, is absolutely unacceptable for me. I simply can’t spend money for the sake of change when my husband needs food on his plate at night. Thus, I am challenging myself to spend as little money as possible on Christmas d├ęcor and all the other little things I like to change up.
Here are the results of my self-challenge thus far:

Pine cones, ribbon, and the book page canvases cost a total of a couple dollars. Everything else is leftover from my wedding decorations.

This is one of my first Christmas ornament projects. It didn't cost me a penny! I love making anything out of vintage book pages!

I found this little treasure going through our spare bedroom. Sometimes I will look at an object I've had forever and suddenly think "this would look great there" and it does!

This was also a moneyless project. The other day I went into our back yard, picked up a few sticks, put them in this vase and filled it will a bag of beans that I had in my pantry for ages. And voila! I have a new centerpiece!

I have my little book-page birds hanging from it for now.

These decorative towels were $1.50 at Target. Score! I am starting to add Christmas pieces little by little!

Stay tuned for more folks! I have plenty more ideas up my sleeve! Ha! My poor hubs never knows what he might see when he comes home. (I like to keep him on his toes.)


Ashes said...

Hey you did score on some cute decor! Love it. And, definitely love the blog!

jenchristine said...

Thanks girl! I appreciate it!


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