Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 days of Christmas

I love December. It is such a magical month to me. Here are a few things I plan on doing (some I have already done) this month. I plan on picking one everyday, or possibly 2, 3 or 7...

 Jennifer's 25 Days of Christmas:

1. Watch “Elf”
2. Dress up your house for the holidays
3. Tell someone you love them
4. Make some Christmas ornaments
5. Have a joyful spirit
6. Do something nice for someone (without them knowing who did it)
7. Write a letter to yourself to read next year
8. Volunteer for a worthy cause
9. Do a fun holiday project with my younger siblings
10. Memorize a passage of scripture about Christ
11. Make a funny Christmas video
12. Make sure to quietly reflect on Christ instead of succumbing to the insane business of the season
13.  Call old friends and family members
14. Wear a tacky Christmas sweater to a party
15.  Listen to Handel's Messiah
16. Make a Christmas cookies
17.  Drive around and look at Christmas lights
18. Sing Christmas carols
19. Drink hot chocolate and sit by the Christmas tree
20.Watch “White Christmas”
21. Go to a Christmas music production at church
22. Set out cookies and milk for Santa (aka: the people who put out the presents)
23. Ask someone to tell you about their favorite Christmas
24. Read the Christmas story
25. Remember the Reason for the season – Jesus Christ!


Stacy Hill said...

They all sound wonderful! I've been watching White Christmas since the first cold night. It is my favorite Christmas movie. Have fun and enjoy doing each and every one! By the way, your home is beautiful. God blessed you with a decorator's eye. Merry Christmas, Jennifer!

jenchristine said...

White Christmas is my favorite too! We always watched it while we drove up to visit family for Christmas! Good memories!

Thanks! I hope you and your family have a wonderful December!


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