Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Humpty Dumpty, Shelves & Elves

Is anyone else super exhausted besides me? Goodness! I wish a little elf would come and help me get ready. I feel like the first of December was yesterday! Au contraire my friends. Christmas is THIS SATURDAY! I can't believe it. Time has really gotten away from me. It's just like him really. He likes to drag me behind him while he rushes forward like an excited little dog. Shame, shame. I blame him for not being able to post this earlier. I found this stuff a week or two ago. What kind of blogger does that make me?

You don't have to say. No really, it's ok.

Enough with the charades. Here are some of the fab things I picked up a while back.

I have been looking for a shelf like this for a while now. It's taken me several months because I refuse to barter my arms and legs. Seriously, they are so expensive! Now I finally found it!

We have mantle of sorts now.

I think it helps the little wall.

Merry Christmas to you too shelf.

There were two. How could I resist? This is before gitterification. (And yes, I just made up that word.)

Post - glitterification

I like.

Unfortunately, I am not so great at putting theses things up. I thought it was secure, so I proceeded to put my china on the shelf. WRONG! It came crashing down like Humpty Dumpty. All of my horses and all of my men couldn't put them back together again. Oh wait, I don't have horses. I do have one man though...but I threw the pieces away before he got home. It was quite tragic.

Nonetheless, the shelf is up and I like it. I truly appreciate the 4 tea cups who gave their lives for my endevors.

I also got these little mini shelves. I haven't decided where they will live yet. Poor things. They are homeless for now. Oh, and I also got a big old window. I forgot to take a picture of it though. Shame on me.

And what you ask was the total for all this? I will tell you.

2 matching shelves + 2 mini shelves + a cute window = $30

I'd say that was a good buy!

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