Monday, December 6, 2010

A turkey and some mistletoe

Ok, so I didn't use a turkey or mistletoe to make the season bright in this home. But I did get some tiny tots! Just kidding people.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Christmas? Did I ever mention that I love decorating? Well I do. And its official now. There's no denying it anymore. (Not that I ever did!) I tell you, decorating someone else's home is a lot of work! However, I had so much fun...a blast actually. The fun kind of blast, not an explosion kind though.

Here are just a few snapshots of what I did. Maybe you'll see the rest when I post about Christmas. I like suspense anyway!

O Christmas tree, I love you!

I love any time that you get to bring a bit of the outdoors inside!

The mantle is my favorite part of the "fluffing" I did for the holidays.

Thank you Target and Michael's for your wonderful items! 

I added the pine cones and the glittery berries to the wreath.

I love the red and metallic theme! I think it came together nicely and I hope to replicate it one day (if I ever have a lovely mantle of my own).

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