Monday, December 13, 2010

Pointless to Practical

Sometimes I get the greatest ideas from our storage closet. About a month ago I found an old picture that we had in our closet since we got married. It never went with our decor, so I just stuffed it away. One day I was looking for something and saw it chilling out in the closet. Suddenly it spoke to me and said, "I would look great as a chalk board in your kitchen." (Side note: When things that don't normally speak tell you something, it's usually a good idea to listen to them. Take Baalam and the talking donkey for instance. The donkey was trying to save his life.) What was a girl to do in this situation? Go get her chalk board spray paint, that's what! So I did.

First I painted it...

Then I hung it up, but the goldish-brown frame just wasn't doing it for me. Please know that I did not write "Yo Mama." 
My dear husband added that for me.

So I painted it green. I wasn't particularly fond of this color either, but its better than it was at least.

Now we can write all sorts of fun things on it.

I figured since I didn't like the color I should put on a sheet music garland to make it all better.

So there you have it. The picture went from pointless junk to have a practical use. Thank you for speaking to me that day picture. I like you a lot better now!


Cassidy said...

1. I didn't know there was such a thing as chalk board spray paint!
2. I REALLY like the green paint you added.
3. I hope this wasn't a wedding gift. Or at least whoever got you it doesn't read this post... haha. :)

p.s. please come eat lunch with me!!!

jenchristine said...

Yes! Chalk board spray is so wonderful! I've used it on so many things. My dad gave us that picture. I still have it...I'm just using the frame and glass as a chalkboard. I may use it one day. It was only $5 anyway. He wouldn't mind. :)

PS: Lunch is a must!


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