Friday, December 10, 2010

And in other news...the Etsy shop

Reporter: Good evening, this is J. reporting live from the scene of Mrs. Blair's brain. It seems as if she has finally made up her mind about the Etsy shop she was (supposedly) going to start.

Anchor: Wow. It's been forever since she was talking about that, hasn't it J?

Reporter: It certainly has B, a month to be precise.

Anchor: So what are you seeing there J? It looks kind of dark in there.

Reporter: Well it is B, but I have a head lamp and an umbrella so it's not too bad. From the looks of it, she has talked to her husband and several other people about her concerns. She loves to make things, but just wasn't sure the shop needed to be her next step.

Anchor: Was it because she couldn't pick a name?

Reporter: Hold on a bit. Let me find out.

(Proceeds to rummage around trying to find the right brain cells. Finds one and reads it.)

Reporter: Ok, here we go. From what I gather she liked "The Heir & Loom." But my findings lead me to believe the name of the shop is not the reason for her hold up. As it turns out, she was just restless for something different, something that she could be passionate about.

Anchor: The Etsy shop isn't that for her?

Reporter: It doesn't seem so B. I found out that she started seeking the Lord about her restlessness.

(Holds up umbrella as brain fluid drips from the ceiling, aka the skull. Then gently picks up another piece of matter.)

Anchor: Really. She hadn't done that before J?

Reporter: She didn't want to admit it B, but no she had not. Once she started praying about it, she realized that Christ was her passion above all else. Then she knew that He wanted her to wait on Him before she started any endeavor.

Anchor: Is that so? Hmm.

(Makes a thougthful face.)

Reporter: Yes, she knows God is calling her to something, but has decided to wait and follow His plans.

(Suddenly, everything starts moving and sloshing around.)

Anchor: What is going on in there J?

Reporter: I think Mrs. Blair is waking up B. Things are getting really unstable. I can barely keep my footing! So that's all from me. This is J reporting. Back to you B.

Anchor: Thank you for that story J.

(Shuffles papers)

Anchor: And now for the weather...

Disclaimer: I was not hurt in the makings of this story.

The news anchor and reporter in this story were what I like to call Little Blog People. They go in your brain while you are sleeping and rearrange things, trying to find a story. Sometimes you find new ideas after they've gone, and other times it just seems like you are forgetting something. However, they are not dangerous or malicious creatures. They just want to help.

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