Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A nail salon & Christmas Eve

"Shoot girl! You're only 21 years old! You ain't even seen the world yet." said the lady next to me.

I was getting my nails done the day before the wedding and the lady next to me had taken it upon her self to convince me not to follow through. Let me tell you, there were many comments that I refrained from making at the time.

"Girl, he ain't never gonna let you goez out to parties any mo. You'll be stuck at home with his yougins." she reiterated yet again.

"Well, I've never been the partying type anyway. I like being at home."

I tried to explain, but there wasn't really much use. She was so sure that I shouldn't get married. I, on the other hand, had seen enough of the world to know that I wanted to be with my man. I didn't need to "test drive" this type or "try out" another sort of guy to know that God had led me to my future husband.

"Maybe for now suga, but one day youz come back here sayin' that I waz right!"

She shook her long finger nails at me and that was the end of that. I left the salon, went to my bridal shower and the next day I got married. However, this remains a funny memory of my last day as a "single" woman.

Needless to say, I haven't been back and I have not found married life to be as horrible as she described. Still, doing something you've never done before isn't guaranteed to be easy. Change can sometimes be uncomfortable. But I must admit, adjusting to married life has not been as difficult as I anticipated. Not to say that it doesn't provide challenges. Things change, people change and life can never be the same as it always was...there's no way of getting around that fact!

This Christmas season has been one of those things that has changed a lot for me. Before last Wednesday, I hadn't been home since my birthday. Much had changed. Just last year, I was a newly - engaged graduate chilling at home with my family. I was just starting to look for a full-time job, very eager about all the changes going on in my life. And change it did! Though I have missed my own family this season, I must admit that it has been wonderful to get to know my new family!

After my hubs got off work on Christmas Eve, we jumped in the car for the trek to Panama City to get together with his Dad's side of the family. It was a wonderful evening indeed. We watched some of their old home videos, sang Christmas carols, read the Christmas story and "The Night Before Christmas" and exchanged presents. It wasn't exactly what I grew up doing, but that doesn't discount it's worth. Change is good and I am glad for the alterations that life brings. I hope we have many more Christmas celebrations like this one.

I am so blessed to be with this man!
Goodbye Christmas Eve! See you again next year!

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